In 2009, two brothers and now partners Arnoldo and Osvaldo Silva opened a Mexican Restaurant in Tucson Arizona, City of Gastronomy, a given distinction by UNESCO, with the one mind set, let’s be different but yet creative with our Tacos and Salsas.

After 10 years of hard work, they decided to take their taco and salsa recipes to a new adventure and created CANTINATACOS.COM

Cantina Tacos uses distinctive ingredients that have been passed along generations in the Silva family and are now available for everyone to enjoy with just a few clicks away.

We do the cooking; you do the eating. Cantina Tacos sends you a cute little box, or large box, (still cute), with every garnish and taco essential item for you to enjoy amazing Tacos and Salsas with a few simple heating steps.

Our goal is to make your life a little easier by us doing all the work so you can enjoy Cantina Tacos with your foodie amigos (friends) and family, Provecho!

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